Cartomancy Readings!

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Hey beautiful people!

I added a divination tool to help guide you when you have questions that you cannot quite find the answer to or overall need confirmation. The best person to know about anything you need and want is YOU! Always tap into your divine intuition and your overall self the answers are always within you. I know easier said than done. Call upon your ancestors whatever force you connect to on a higher frequency to guide you as well.

I have always been drawn to cards since a young girl. The elders gamble playing Pitty Pat. I even had my shot at it. I learned once you when once do not to press your luck you may never know.

In 2020 when the world was shut down I once again was drawn to the cards and was introduced to an expert cardologist who used playing cards as an astrologer would use a natal chart to guide you. Playing cards are used as a blueprint too. We have a birth card and overall birth card spread.
The use of reading the cards is cartomancy. Which is a card reader who uses playing cards instead of tarot cards. I mainly practice on myself and let me tell you at times I wish I took even my advice. It is scary how spot-on you can be when it comes to avoiding certain situations you had a feeling may happen due to the result of this or that. I use my divine intuition and the guidance of my ancestors to help steer you in the right direction and provide an overall perspective.

I also use cardology card meanings to help dive deeper because cartomancy goes hand in hand with the keywords too. It is based on my knowledge and what I overall know about numbers and synchronicity. Numbers do not lie and neither do the cards whatever form of cards you use.

I consider myself a master's student who will continue to grow. Even the best teachers are still the student's in this school of life on Earth. I love what I do and love being able to assist those who need a little push forward.


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